Game. Changed.

Iʼm Possible is the global authority on basketball Skill Enhancement trainer certifications. We believe that there are virtually two developmental approaches in basketball training, called Game Enhancement and Skill Enhancement. While both are necessary for players to improve their game, we are the masters of Skill Enhancement.

Our Innovation

With our unique, proprietary training methods and tools, I’m
Possible’s influence can be seen around the globe.

I'm Possible Training has some of the most amazing workouts I’ve ever seen. There
are no limits to their imagination to get you better! Training with I'm Possible and the
training tools they use is more than just routine training. It's game time,
unpredictable repetition.

Evan Turner Portland Trailblazers, #2 Pick in the 2010 NBA Draft

Where to Start

Upon completing your Iʼm Possible Skill Enhancement Certification,
you will have a choice to activate your certification by registering for
one of Iʼm Possibleʼs continuing education trainer portals. Both the Iʼm
Possible Trainer Portal and the I'm Possible Mastery Portal, are
available for trainers to activate their certified Skill Enhancement status.
Both training portals provide trainers with the benefits, resources, and
curriculum associated with the world's largest basketball training organization.



Step 1 Take the Skill
Enhancement Course

Upon registration, you will be provided with Iʼm Possible Trainingʼs
Skill Enhancement certification course in complete detail, which
outlines the foundation and formula of Iʼm Possible Trainingʼs
methods. When youʼre ready, take the test directly from your course



Step 2 video submission

Upon completing and passing the skill Enhancement Certification
course, you will be provided an Iʼm Possible workout to perform and
film for the purpose of submitting for a video review. When your video
is approved, you will move to Step 3.



Step 3 Choose Your Trainer
Learning Portal

Trainers only remain actively certified with Iʼm Possible for as
long as they are participating within an Iʼm Possible continuing education
portal. When youʼve passed both the Skill Enhancement Certification
course and the Video Submission process, you will be given the
opportunity to activate your Iʼm Possible certification by choosing
your portal.



Step 4 Enjoy your I’m Possible Trainer Benefits

  • Editable I’m Possible Trainer profile on
  • Exposure in our Find Training global search engine
  • Access Iʼm Possibleʼs Complete Curriculum of drills, videos, and
  • Access skill specific training courses to expand your
    knowledge as an Iʼm Possible Trainer
  • Receive eligibility to direct Iʼm Possible camps, Skill Lab facilities,
    and travel opportunities