Not an “Online Training System”

Micah Lancaster’s Checklist Training System is
NOT a typical “online training system”.

  • There are no pre-made workouts.
  • There are no predetermined set of reps for each skill.
  • The Checklist Training System does not pretend to know your schedule or who you are as a basketball player.

Our checklist system has been proven successful for all players we’ve worked with, from young players to NBA All-Stars. Instead of focusing on a certain number of shot repetitions, or a rigid schedule, it simply focuses on experiencing the skills and abilities within the Checklist Training System at each player's own pace. Through that process, skills build on skills, and the player sees rapid growth in their abilities. In fact, the effectiveness of this Checklist system was well documented as it helped transform Victor Oladipo into the NBA’s 2018 Most Improved Player and an NBA All-Star.


We have a checklist of over 600 skills and methods that we do with a player and he’s in the 550s right now. We’ve almost gone through the whole spectrum of anything that we can dream of, and there’s only a few items left on the list that we need to swing back to...

Micah Lancaster, on Victor Oladipo's off-season training, to The Athletic

Here’s How it Works

The Checklist already exists. It is our living and breathing curriculum for I'm Possible Trainers. It is split into multiple categories such as Ball Handling, Finishing, Footwork, Passing and Shooting. All you have to do is to start experiencing these skills and methods one by one.

Step One:
Check Off a

Pick an item from any category. Watch the video, and perform the action for up to 20 minutes. Once completed, check the item off.

Step Two:

We recommend that each item in the checklist be performed three times for a total of one hour to completely check that item off the list. The I'm Possible App will keep you organized, so you always remember what you have accomplished.

Step Three: Just Keep Moving

Despite popular belief, your success in growing your skills is not based on doing things in the right progressive order. We have debunked that myth and outdated thought process for a decade.

That's why this system is a such a freeing process as it allows you to simply move through the checklist at your own pace and level.

If something is too difficult for you, skip it for now. Only have 40 minutes today? Pick two items and complete them. No pressure. No screwing it up. Just skill enhancement. One skill or method at a time.

And if you ever need more teaching, further detailed instruction, and mentorship from Micah Lancaster when using the system, Micah Lancaster does offer his Checklist Training System Guide as an additional option as well. Of course, that's an upgradable option.

Available Now in the App Store or Google Play for Only $199/year


Upgrade to Micah's Personal Guide!

Join Micah Lancaster's list of clients by using his Checklist Training System  Guide.

Players who enroll in Micah Lancaster's Mentorship Guide for the Checklist Training System are walked through the program one week at a time, as Micah assigns seven items from the Checklist each and every week for the player to complete. For each item on the Checklist, a video is shown as an example of the skill or method being trained along with an explanation from Micah Lancaster on the reasons behind each and every drill.

Within each week's assignment, players are also given access to a comment section to leave questions that Micah can answer so all skills and methods are completely understood.

And finally, all players who enroll in Micah Lancaster's Checklist Training System are also provided a login to the I'm Possible Training app where they can check off the skills and methods they complete each week!

While the I'm Possible Training app normally costs $200/year, this fee is waved for anyone who registers for Micah's Mentorship Guide program. Micah's Guide is available for $100/month or $999/year.